SetaVap4 Automatic Vapour Pressure Analyser - 80600-2

ASTM D5188
ASTM D5191
ASTM D6377
ASTM D6378
ASTM D6897
ASTM D8009
IP 394
EN 13016-1
EN 13016-3

The SetaVap4 is a fully automated vapour pressure analyser which provides fast, reliable and precise analysis of a wide range of volatile liquids, including gasoline, solvents and light crude oil.

The measurement system uses a piston based design in compliance with triple and single expansion test methods and regulations, reporting DVPE, RVP, EPA and CARB calculations. For precise results, the minimum dead volume design reduces sample carryover and a fully automated test sequence removes possible operator bias.

A colour touch screen and clear user interface guides the operator through the menu system and simple operator sequence. Results are stored internally and can be viewed on the screen or saved directly to a USB memory stick or LIMS for further data management and analysis.

Crude oil vapour pressure testing with the SetaVap4 >

SetaVap4 Automatic Vapour Pressure Analyser - 80600-2


  • Rapid, automatic testing
  • Simple test procedure
  • Compact, rugged design for portable or laboratory use
  • Real time display of test progress and storage for 500,000 results
  • LIMS connectivity and RS232C serial port, results can be saved to USB or transferred via QR code
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) software to analyse results to conform to ASTM D6299
  • Test multiple temperatures and multiple V/L ratios (ASTM D6377)



Innovative design:
The measurement chamber and valves are temperature controlled using electronic peltier cells for heating and cooling. An integrated shaker allows testing of crude oil.

Calibration and verification:
Calibration of the SetaVap4 can be performed in the field, eliminating the costs and time associated with sending the instrument to a service centre.

Service and maintenance:
The rugged design ensures minimal operational maintenance is needed.


ASTM D5191 Standard test method for vapor pressure of petroleum products (mini method)
IP 394 Liquid petroleum products - Vapour pressure - Part 1: Determination of air saturated vapour pressure (ASVP)
ASTM D5188 Standard test method for vapor-liquid ratio temperature determination of fuels (evacuated chamber method)
ASTM D6378 Determination of vapor pressure of petroleum products, hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon-oxygenate mixtures (triple expansion method)
ASTM D6377 Determination of Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil: VPCRx?(Expansion Method)
ASTM D6897 Determination of Vapor Pressure of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) (Expansion Method)
EN 13016-3 Determination of vapour pressure and calculated dry vapour pressure equivalent (DVPE) (Triple Expansion Method)
EN 13016-1 Determination of air saturated vapour pressure (ASVP) and calculated dry vapour pressure equivalent (DVPE)
ASTM D8009 Standard Practice for Manual Piston Cylinder Sampling for Volatile Crude Oils, Condensates, and Liquid Petroleum Products


Temperature range0 to 120 °C (no external cooling required). Test the sample for multiple temperatures (ASTM D6377)
Pressure range0-1000 kPa
Pressure resolution0.001 kPa
Units of pressurekPa, psi
Temperature accuracybetter than 0.05 °C
Vapour to liquid ratio0.02:1 to 20:1. Test the sample for multiple V/L ratios (ASTM D6377)
Sample volume1 ml, plus rinsing
Measurement time5 minutes for D5191
Voltage100/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, Auto-sensing univeral power supply
Power300 W
Size (HxWxD)31 cm x 20 cm x 24 cm
Weight9.5 kg

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