Portable Digital Barometer - 99910-2

Highly accurate, handheld barometer suitable for the most demanding field or laboratory conditions.

The barometer allows you to measure absolute pressure, barometric pressure (corrected to sea level) or altitude based upon sea level or corrected for a map or trig marker.

You can display pressure in one of seven different engineering units. Altitude can be displayed in either meters or feet. The barometer has a leak test mode to determine the rate of leakage in a pneumatic system, with data logging which is either automatic (taking readings every 5 seconds for 20 minutes) or manual for up to 240 readings.

Portable Digital Barometer - 99910-2


  • Barometric pressure (corrected to sea level)
  • Altitude in meters or feet (corrected to sea level)
  • Pressure units
  • Easy to read backlight display



Certification: calibration certificate (traceable to UKAS). Supplied with batteries and instruction manual.


Range(s)0 to 17.403 psia (0 to 900 mmHg, 0 to 35.433 inHg) Altitude in feet or metres Instrument can be set to display in other equivalent units of measure
Units of measurementmmHg, inHg, PSI, mbar, bar, kPa, Torr, feet, meters
Operating modesLocal pressure, sea level pressure from user set height, altitude from user set datum
DisplayLCD, 5 digit
Power Supply4 x AA battery
Operating Temperature-5 to 50 °C
Size (HxWxD)165 x 90 x 57 mm
Weight0.4 kg (excluding transit case)
CCCN CodeTariff 90258020

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