Sampling Cylinder 1000 ml - 21930-0

ASTM D1265
ISO 4257

1000 ml double valve sample cylinder, equipped with right angle valves for ¼” NPT connections.

Sampling cylinders provide more accurate sampling and faster cycle times. Surface adsorption is a known problem with some active compounds, coated samplers help to ensure sample integrity when measuring properties such as H2S or Suphur content.

Improved sampling can result in significant cost saving and allows more samples to be collected in a given period of time.

Sampling Cylinder 1000 ml - 21930-0


  • 1000 ml capacity
  • 124 bar (1800 psi) maximum working pressure
  • 20% outage tube
  • 316 stainless steel body and valve



ASTM D1265 Standard practice for sampling liquefied petroleum (LP) Gases (manual method)
ISO 4257 Liquefied petroleum gases - Method of sampling


CCCN CodeTariff 90279000

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