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Multi-Filtration-Tester-91600-4.pdf The Seta Multi Filtration Tester (MFT) is a fully automated instrument, designed to test the Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) of diesel, biodiesel (B100 & B5/7/20/30), gas oil, gas turbine fuel and kerosene. 1M
SetaCheck-Colour-ASTM-15255-0.pdf No description 188K
SetaCheck-Colour-Saybolt-15256-0.pdf The SetaCheck Colour ASTM is a compact, handheld colorimeter used to electronically measure the colour of a sample. 199K
94160-0_SetaCool_16.pdf The SetaCool-16 is designed to provide fast, accurate and precise determination of Cloud Point, Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point of petroleum products, diesel and cooling fuels to -78 °C. 358K
Silver-and-Copper-Corrosion-Bath-11405-0.pdf The Seta Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath is a bench top, stainless steel water or oil bath. Digitally controlled to ±0.1 °C over a temperature range of ambient +5 °C to 150 °C, the bath is used to determine the corrosive effects of fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon products on copper and silver. 223K
34200-2_Auto-Abel_Flash_Point.pdf No description 203K
82050-2_Series_8.pdf No description 2M
Rust-Prevention-Test-Bath-11200-8.pdf No description 174K
94100-4_Cloud_Pour_Point_Cryostats.pdf No description 327K
93531-8_Cloud_Pour_Point_Cryostats.pdf No description 327K
82110-2_Series_8_ActiveCool.pdf No description 719K
82160-2_Series_8_ActiveCool.pdf No description 719K
94710-4_KV-2.pdf KV 2 Bath 365K
82000-2_Series_8.pdf No description 2M
SA1805-2_AvCount_Lite_Skydrol.pdf No description 689K
SA1800-2_AvCount_Lite_Particle_Counter.pdf The AvCount Lite portable automatic particle counter provides reliable results for determining the size and distribution of particles in light and middle distillate fuels, including aviation fuel and kerosene, biodiesel, low viscosity oils and hydraulic oils. 327K
33270-0_Series_3e.pdf No description 688K
33220-0_Series_3e.pdf No description 688K
94150-0_SetaCool.pdf No description 220K
82150-2_Series_8_ActiveCool.pdf No description 719K
82100-2_Series_8_ActiveCool.pdf No description 719K
30000-3_Series_3.pdf No description 2M
80600-0_SetaVap4.pdf No description 1M
SA5500-0_SetaCheck.pdf SetaCheck Biodiesel is a handheld instrument designed to provide fast, accurate and repeatable on-site measurement of biodiesel content in diesel fuel blends. 364K
Thermometers.pdf No description 284K
Seta-Penetration-Cones.pdf No description 317K
Sampling-Cans.pdf No description 229K
Seta-Penetration-Needles.pdf No description 177K
13220-2_Semi-Automatic_Tag_Flash_Point_Tester.pdf No description 242K
17500-0_Penetrometer.pdf No description 86K
16120-2_Setaclean_Total_Sediment_Tester.pdf No description 352K
70200-0_Dry_Ice_Maker.pdf No description 103K
22100-0_Pressure_Hydrometer_Apparatus.pdf No description 117K
MTVM.pdf No description 171K
Viscosity_Standards.pdf Viscosity Standards 94K
STVM.pdf STVM Range 115K
Hydrometers.pdf No description 118K
12200-3_Existent_Gum.pdf No description 224K
19610-4_Water_Washout_Tester.pdf No description 144K
93700-0_Refrigerator.pdf No description 117K
16670-0_Oxi_Solid_Block.pdf No description 242K
17190-3-Penetrometer.pdf No description 136K
15250-4_Lovibond_Colour_Comparator.pdf The Seta-Lovibond Colour Comparator is used for visual determination of the colour of oils and petroleum waxes. Readings calibrated in accordance with ASTM D1500. 123K
15320-2_Seta_Lovibond_Colorimeters.pdf No description 133K
90200-5_Water_Bath.pdf No description 143K
SA4032-0_H2S_PT_Scheme.pdf No description 203K
16155-5_Fuel_Oil_Ageing_Bath.pdf No description 152K
14020-8_Dual_Twin_Foam_Test_Baths.pdf No description 181K
SA5000-2_FIJI_JF_FAME_in_Jet_Instrument.pdf No description 1M
99000-3_Cold_Filter_Plugging.pdf No description 164K
33250-3_Series_3_ActiveCool.pdf No description 2M
19400-5_Roll_Stability_Tester.pdf No description 224K
24415-3_Distillation_Flask_Heater.pdf The Seta Distillation Flask Heater is a regulated heating mantel, which has the capacity to accommodate a 1000 ml flask. It is a general purpose heating mantel designed for laboratory procedures that require precise temperature control. 99K
24410-5_Distillation_Flask_Heater.pdf The Seta Distillation Flask Heater is a regulated heating mantel, which has the capacity to accommodate a 500 ml flask. It is a general purpose heating mantel designed for laboratory procedures that require precise temperature control. 99K
19650-0_Dual_Water_Washout_Tester.pdf Water Washout Testers are used to evaluate the resistance of a lubricating grease to be washed out of a bearing by water. 171K
33200-3_Series_3_ActiveCool.pdf No description 2M
16645-2_Seta_TOST_Bath_6_Way.pdf No description 170K
16640-2_Seta_TOST_Bath_12_Way.pdf No description 157K
SA1900-0_AvCount_Lube.pdf No description 612K
99700-6_Salt_In_Crude.pdf No description 581K
16900-7_Oxidation_Bath_with_Oxflo_Controller.pdf No description 157K
12210-0_Existent_Gum.pdf No description 224K
15452-2_Auto_Oxi_Control_System.pdf No description 638K
96700-2_Herschel_Emulsifier.pdf No description 803K
91670-2_Cold_Filter_Blocking.pdf No description 183K
84200-3_KV6.pdf No description 546K
15840-0_Air_Release_Value_System.pdf The Seta Air Release Value System is designed to determine the air release properties of hydrocarbon based oils in accordance with ASTM, IP and other methods. 1M
SA6000-0_AFIDA_Cetane_Number_Analyser.pdf AFIDA is a revolutionary development providing you with a fully automated way of determining Indicated Cetane Number (ICN) of diesel and diesel related fuels. 1M
SA9000-0_WSI_Water_Separation_Instrument.pdf No description 1M
11310-0_Copper_Silver_Corrosion_Bath.pdf The solid block bath is specifically designed for measuring thin silver strip corrosion to ASTM D7667 and copper corrosion to ASTM D130. 204K
SA4000-3_H2S_Analyser.pdf No description 1M
19450-0_Roll_Stability_Tester.pdf No description 224K
97400-3_Micro_Carbon_Residue_Tester.pdf No description 410K
Centrifuge.pdf Centrifuge 361K
35000-0_PM-93.pdf No description 1M
99706-0_Handheld_Conductivity.pdf No description 502K
99505-0_Inline_Conductivity_Sensor.pdf No description 794K
99500-0_Inline_Conductivity_Sensor.pdf No description 794K
99707-0_Conductivity.pdf No description 502K
19900-3_Four_Ball_Lubricant_Tester.pdf No description 483K
15550-3_Oxi_Cor_Bath.pdf No description 206K
22210-4_Reid_Vapour_Pressure_Bath.pdf No description 141K
11300-2_Silver_Copper_Corrosion_Bath.pdf The Seta Copper / Silver Corrosion Bath is a stainless steel water or oil bath, which is digitally controlled to ±0.1 °C over a temperature range of ambient +5 °C to 120 °C. 185K
34300-2_Cleveland_Flash_Point.pdf No description 224K
15260-4_Seta_Lovibond_Colorimeters.pdf No description 133K
SA1000-2_AvCount2.pdf No description 618K
70220-3_Portable_Dry_Ice_Maker.pdf No description 103K
19800-7_Four_Ball_Lubricant_Tester.pdf No description 483K
Copper-Corrosion-Block-Bath-11308-0.pdf No description 168K
99708-0_Handheld_Conductivity.pdf No description 886K
90300-2_Block_Heater.pdf No description 200K
11010-2_Cloud__Pour_Point_Bath.pdf No description 127K
81000-2_Setavap2.pdf No description 2M
31000-0_Series_3.pdf No description 2M
14024-2_Seta_Autowash.pdf The Autowash is a bench top unit which automatically cleans and dries Mott and Norton diffusers using one or two solvents without removing the air tube. 801K
16690-2_Freezing_Point_Apparatus.pdf No description 146K
70210-0_Major_Dry_Ice_Maker.pdf No description 103K
16160-2_SSAFCON_sampler.pdf No description 345K