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Last updated: May 2017

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AIR RELEASE PROPERTIES OF LUBRICANTS & OILS Entrained air can lead to serious disruptions in equipment operation
CLP DEADLINE JUNE 2017 Cosmetics must comply with CLP regulations
WATER SEPARABILITY IN LUBRICANTS Water has the potential to cause a variety of lubricant performance issues
PARTICLE COUNTING FOR HYDRAULIC OIL ANALYSIS Monitoring particulate supports hydraulic performance and predictive maintenance
PARTICLE COUNTING IN DIESEL FUEL AND BIODIESEL BLENDS Avoid maintenance down time by monitoring the cleanliness of fuel
NEW PARTICLE COUNTERS Rapid particle counting of fuels, lubricants, liquid and air samples
A LEADING ROLE FOR THE SERIES 3 Setaflash tester showcased in Komatsu's corporate video
VAPOUR PRESSURE TESTING, THE OPTIMUM SOLUTION Vap3 uses the very latest technology to provide fast, precise and fully automated vapour pressure testing
MEASURING THE PERCENT OF BIODIESEL IN DIESEL FUEL Estercheck determines the volume of FAME in a batch of BioDiesel
FLASH POINT TESTS FOR COSMETICS & FRAGRANCE INDUSTRIES Setaflash helps cosmetic organisations comply with CLP regulations
INTRODUCING WSI - WATER SEPARABILITY INSTRUMENT Water Separation characteristics of aviation turbine fuels
DIESEL FUEL SPECIFICATION UPDATE BS EN 590 IP 387 Filter Blocking Tendency included
CRUDE OIL TESTING NEWS ASTM D7621 Crude Oil Appendix X1 Online
IP 570 REVISED TO IMPROVE H2S TESTING 3 amendment to IP 570/14a
SETA'S INNOVATIVE MUSHROOM PACKAGING IP 570 PT Scheme's packaging a first!
IP 583 APPROVED FOR DEFSTAN 91-91 & ASTM D1655 FIJI now included in Jet Fuel Specifications
THE FUTURE OF CETANE ANALYSIS Seta announce new collaboration
SETA WIN QUEEN'S AWARD FOR INNOVATION 2014 Honour given for H2S measurement technology
DIESEL FUEL TESTING NEWS Cold Soak Filter Blocking Tendency
MARINE FUEL METHOD REVISION IP 570/13a recommends verification procedure
SETA PM-93 LAUNCHED New Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester
IP 570 Best Practice Training Course Method & maintenance knowledge for users
AVIATION FUEL TESTING NEWS Innovations in Conductivity Measurement
IP 565 Particle Method revised for improved accuracy
Seta launch an Indian website Visit www.stanhope-seta.in
Seta IP 570 Proficiency Testing Scheme Quality Assurance tool for labs
NEWS: Seta Oil Test Centrifuge Now even more competitive...
New portable Salt in Crude Analyser ASTM D3230, IP 265 – Electrometric method
ISO 8217 Marine Fuel specification Fifth edition now published
ISO 8217:2010 Marine fuel spec implements 2 ppm limit for H2S Test method IP 570/12a
EI awards Certificate of achievement to Seta For achievements in R&D
Seta wins Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade achievements
Unique ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 Multi Test Certified Reference Material
Skydrol version of AvCount launched Latest addition to the Particle range...
Cold Soak Method Update on CEN Methodology
Flash point testing for used oil and lubricants analysis
Save costs & improve reliability with Seta Flash point testers…
Changes to H2S testing... Improved H2S risk analysis with IP 570 (ISO 8217) & ASTM D7621
Industry concern over ‘Filter choking’ Marine Industry complaints rise…
AvCount - Precise Particulate measurement and its importance in Jet Fuel…
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