New Seta Oil Arbiter

15th February 2022 | New Products

Seta Oil Arbiter

The Seta Oil Arbiter is an online condition monitoring suite designed to monitor in real time a constant flow of lubricant, reporting the following parameters:

  • Metallic Wear Debris by size and metallic species (Machinery Condition)
  • AC Conductivity, Permittivity (Oil Condition)
  • Moisture Content (Dissolved water in oil, Contamination)
  • Oil Pressure (Lubrication System Health)
  • Oil Temperature (Lubrication System Health)

This condition monitoring solution is designed around the wear debris sensor and the fluid condition sensor, both units are robust in-line sensors designed specifically to operate into lubrication systems. Both sensors are factory calibrated devices with non-moving parts that possess high reliability and long term stability which eliminates the need for re-calibration.

The use of these sensors have a proven track record in reducing the overall operating cost of machinery as part of a proactive maintenance programme, with associated reductions of routine checks, lab testing and failure related downtime.

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