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Seta Oxi-Cor Bath

Part Number 15550-3

A stainless steel water or oil bath with a temperature range of ambient +5C to 150C, temperature controlled to 0.1C by a top mounted thermostir circulator with integral over-temperature and low fluid level protection devices.

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Oxi-Cor Bath


Ambient +5C to 150C temperature range
4 test stations (3 when used for Oxidation tests)
Copper/Silver Corrosion and Oxidation tests
Optional AUTO-OXI Automatic Pressure Monitoring System (see 15452-0)


ASTM D130, ASTM D4048, ASTM D4814, ASTM D525, ASTM D5304, ASTM D7667, ASTM D7671, ASTM D873, BS 2000-112, IP 112, BS 2000-138, IP 138, BS EN ISO 2160, BS 2000-154, ISO 2160, BS EN ISO 7536, BS 2000-40, ISO 7536, DIN EN ISO 2160, DIN EN ISO 7536, IP 154, IP 227 (obs), IP 40, IP 611

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