Analytical Balance - 99100-2

EN 50082-1
EN 55011

Rugged electronic balance with wide angle LCD display. The balance is equipped with filters to reduce vibration, and a glass enclosure with sliding doors on three sides for ease of access.

Analytical Balance - 99100-2


  • Automatic Zeroing
  • Selectable units
  • Parts counting
  • Programmable filters
  • Glass windshield
  • RS232 interface port

Additional Information

Supplied with; mains lead and instruction manual.

Units of measurementg, mg, dwt, ct, oz, lb, GN, tl, t, m
Weighing capacity0 to 205 gm
Readability0.1 mg
Reproducibility0.1 mg
Response time< 4 secs
Free space above pan200 mm
Operating temperature10 ° to 30 °C
Size (HxWxD)32 x 19 x 33 cm
Weight7 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90160010


EN 50082-1
EN 55011
EN 55011 Measuring radiated emissions
EN 50082-1 Electromagnetic compatibility. Generic immunity standard. Residential, commercial and light industry