SetaFoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths - 14020-8

IP 146
ISO 6247

These pair of highly transparent water baths are for detecting undesirable foaming characteristics in lubricating oils, which could cause inadequate lubrication, overflow and cavitation.

The instrument comprises a high temperature (normally 93.5 °C) and a low temperature (normally 24 °C) bath, each with the capacity to hold four 1000 ml graduated glass cylinders.

Each bath assembly comprises an inner glass bath contained in a polycarbonate safety vessel, a top mounted thermostir unit.

The bath has integral back-lighting with an opaque reflector which aids sample visibility and foam measurements. In addition, the low temperature bath has a cooling coil for use when the laboratory ambient temperature exceeds the required bath temperature, and two air normalising coils to cool the air emerging from the high temperature bath test cylinders prior to passing to external volume meters.

SetaFoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths - 14020-8


  • Up to two simultaneous tests per bath
  • Two pre-heating stations per bath
  • Two integral normalising coils
  • Local verification of the stones possible using the verification kit

Additional Information

The baths incorporates the Thermostir (15160-0) unit, which provides precision temperature control to within ±0.5 °C across a temperature range of ambient to 100 °C. It has an easy to use rotary dial and two function keys for quick temperature setting and menu navigation. The Thermostir is protected against over-heating by an independent over-temperature cut-out which is user adjustable via the over-temperature dial.

Easy to remove stoppers ensure air tight seals and central location of the diffusers. All air connections are via quick release connectors, and the diffuser tubes can be used with either Mott diffusers or Norton Stones.

A DigiFlow Mass Flowmeter (14012-0) or Dual Glass Flowmeter (14011-2) is required per cylinder for testing, these are supplied separately and should be selected when ordering.

Stanhope-Seta recommends the use of the Pump and Accessory Kit (14019-2), supplied complete with pressure relief valve and regulator. A Drying Tower (14015-2) is also available as an accessory. A clip to attach the drying tower can be mounted on the side of the flowmeter mounting bracket.

Supplied with;
Four graduated 1000 ml cylinders and stoppers
Interconnection tubing and junctions
Mains leads
Instruction manual

Inner28 litre, borosilicate glass
No of Baths2
No of Cylinders per bath4 (2 per bath supplied)
Cylinders1000 ml, borosilicate glass, graduated
DiffuserMott or Norton Stone
Flowmeters2 per bath, 94 ±5 ml/min
Control UnitsThermostir, 1 per bath
Temperature rangeAmbient to 100 °C ±0.5 °C
Supply Voltage110/120 V, 60 Hz or 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Size (HxWxD)70 x 48 x 40 cm
Weight50 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90268020


IP 146
ISO 6247
ISO 6247 Determination of foaming characteristics of lubricating oils
IP 146 Determination of foaming characteristics of lubricating oils
ASTM D892 Test method for foaming characteristics of lubricating oils