DigiFlow Mass Flowmeter - 14012-0

Single electronic flowmeter with full digital control and display for highly accurate measurement of flow range from 10 mln/min to 100 mln/min (sccm). The flowmeters provide clear indication of actual flow rate (bar graph and value), desired flow units, type of gas as well as totalised flow.

For use with the SetaFoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths (14020-8).


  • Bright, wide-angle OLED display
  • Free of parallax error
  • Virtually independent of temperature and pressure variations
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fast response
  • Digitally calibrated



Please note two flowmeters will need to be purchased to enable a single flowmeter for each test bath.


Accuracy± 2% RD for flow > 50% of max. capacity ± (1% RD + 0.5% FS) on lower flows
Repeatability< 0.2% FS typical
Pre-installed gasesAir, N2, O2 and CO
Standard calibration gasAir, other gases are converted using our Fluidat® conversion model which will introduce extra inaccuracy
Rangeabilityup to 1:20
Operating pressure0 to 10 bar(g) / 0 to 150 psi(g)
Pressure coefficient0.2% / bar typical at Air
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Attidude sensitivity< 0.1% FS
Response time (t63%)2 s
CCCN CodeTariff 90269000

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