AvCount3 Particle Counter - SA1100-0

ASTM D6786
ASTM D7467
ASTM D7619
ASTM D7647
IP 565
IP 630
DEF STAN 91-091
DEF STAN 91-86
GOST 17216
ISO 4406
ISO 60970
JIS B 9932:2012
JIS B 9933:2021
JIS B 9934:2012
NAS 1638

The AvCount3 is a compact bench-top automatic particle counter, used to measure the size and distribution of particles and water droplets in light and middle distillate fuels, including aviation fuel and kerosine, biodiesel, low viscosity oils and hydraulic oils.

Featuring a simple user interface with touch screen display, the fully-automated test means extensive operator training is not required before using the instrument. The simplicity of test set up and automation, gives operators the time to work on something else, helping to reduce labour costs.

The AvCount3's enhanced functionality includes a dilution protocol for testing of high viscosity samples, real-time display of test progess, 14 embedded test methods, user and sample identification and password protected levels.

Statistical Quality Control software allows analysis of results in accordance with ASTM D6299.

AvCount3 Particle Counter - SA1100-0


  • ISO 11171 calibration
  • Cumulative counts/ml
  • ISO 4406 cleanliness codes
  • Colour touch screen
  • Dilution ratio calculation
  • Real time display of test progress
  • User programmable
  • LIMS, network and VNC connectivity
  • Programmable alarm limits
  • 14 embedded test methods
  • In-field verification and calibration



Supplied with: sample bottles, sample probe, waste pipe, universal voltage power supply, USB cable, calibration certificate and instruction manual.


DEF STAN 91-091 Aviaton Fuel Specification
ASTM D975 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils , biodiesel, biodiesel blend, diesel, fuel oil, petroleum and petroleum products
IP 565 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuels – portable automatic particle counter method
ASTM D7619 Method for counting and sizing particles in light and middle distillate fuels, and liquid bio fuels, by automatic particle counter
GOST 17216 Grades of liquids purity
NAS 1638 Cleanliness requirements of parts used in hydraulic systems
DEF STAN 91-86 Turbine Fuel, Aviation Kerosine Type: High Flash Type
ASTM D7647 Standard test method for automatic particle counting of lubricating and hydraulic fluids using dilution techniques to eliminate the contribution of water and interfering soft particles by lght extinction
ISO 60970 Insulating liquids - Methods for counting and sizing particles
ISO 4406 Hydraulic fluid power - Fluids - Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles
ASTM D6786 Standard test method for particle count in mineral insulating oil using automatic optical particle counters
ASTM D7467 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oil, Biodiesel Blend (B6 to B20)
JIS B 9932:2012 Calibration method of automatic particle counter for hydraulic pressure-liquid
JIS B 9933:2021 Hydraulic-solid particle contamination degree code display
JIS B 9934:2012 By automatic particle counting method using hydraulic pressure-light shielding principle Cleanliness measurement method
IP 630 Determination of the concentration of dispersed particles in diesel fuel – Automatic Particle Counter (APC) Light Obscuration Method


Particle size rangeISO 11171: 4 µm(c) to 70 µm(c) (calibration for larger sizes available on request)
Number of measuring channels16 size channels displayed on instrument, 4 µm(c) to 70 µm(c) and 2 µm(c) to 100 µm(c) (ISO 4402 sizes)
Counts per measurement (max)60,000 per ml
Samply viscosity (max)64 mm2/s (using internal pump), 200 mm2/s (pressure fed @ 3 BarG) (SA1950-0 Sample Delivery System is available as an accessory)
Sample temperature rangeAmbient 0 to 70 °C
Results500,000 result memory. Print via internal printer, export to LIMS, USB or QR code
Sample flow rate30 ml/min ±5 ml/min
Total sample volume used80 ml for ASTM D7619 & IP 565, from 20 ml for other methods (includes flush cycles)
Power100/240 V, 50/60 Hz, Auto-sensing universal power supply
Size (HxWxD)37 cm x 23 cm x 27 cm
Weight6 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90278990

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