AvCount Lite Particle Counter - SA1800-2

ASTM D7619
IP 565
DEF STAN 91-091
DEF STAN 91-86
ISO 4406

The AvCount Lite portable automatic particle counter provides reliable results for determining the size and distribution of particles in light and middle distillate fuels, including aviation fuel and kerosene, biodiesel, low viscosity oils and hydraulic oils.

The particle counters simple operation makes testing bottle samples or on-line quick and easy, with results in under 3 minutes.

The AvCount Lite displays the cumulative, particles/ml and ISO 4406 cleanliness codes. Up to 900 results can be saved to the internal memory, downloaded to a PC/laptop or printed via the internal printer.

AvCount Lite Particle Counter - SA1800-2


  • ISO 11171 calibration
  • Cumulative Particles/ml
  • ISO 4406 Cleanliness Codes
  • Portable, compact instrument
  • Online/offline (bottle sample)
  • Stand-alone or PC controlled
  • Programmable via PC
  • Integrated printer
  • Battery power optional

Additional Information

Sample viscosity:
The AvCount Lite can analyse samples with kinematic viscosities of up to 64 mm2/s. When used in conjunction with the optional Sample Delivery System, the viscosity range is extended up to 200 mm/s.

Precision and accuracy:
AvCount Lite is fitted with a precision dual piston pump. When measuring samples from a bottle, the pump draws an aliqot of sample through the measurement cell at a consistent flow rate. When connected to a pressurised line, the pump provides accurate metering and control.

Calibration and verification:
AvCount Lite utilises 16 point calibration. Calibration can be carried out either using NIST traceable standard solutions or by interfacing with a primary calibrated ‘Master’ AvCount Lite. Calibration can be carried out at a user site or at our authorised regional laboratories.
Particle Size RangeISO 11171: 4 µm(c) to >70 µm© (calibration for larger sizes available on request)
Number of Measuring Channels6 size channels displayed on instrument, up to 16 programmable via PC 4 µm(c), 6 µm(c), 10 µm(c), 14 µm(c), 21 µm(c), 25 µm(c), 30 µm(c), 38 µm(c), 70 µm(c)
Counts Per Measurement (Max)600,000 per ml
Sample Viscosity (Max)64 mm2/s (using internal pump), 200 mm2/s (pressure fed @ 3 BarG) (SA1950-0 Sample Delivery System is available as an accessory)
Sample Temperature RangeAmbient 0 to 70 °C
Results900 result memory Date/time indexed (last 20 tests can be viewed on screen) Download to PC/laptop port or ProTrend software and print via internal printer
Sample Flow Rate30 ml/min ±5 ml/min
Total Sample Volume Used80 ml for ASTM D7619 & IP 565, from 20 ml for other methods (includes flush cycles)
Voltage12 Vdc 3A with printer on, 1A with printer off Charger/mains adaptor 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60Hz input, 12 Vdc 2.5A output Optional 12 Vdc battery and charger (SA1816-0)
Size (HxWxD)250 x 145 x 350 mm
Weight7.5 kg
CCCN CodeTARIFF 90318020


ASTM D7619
IP 565
DEF STAN 91-091
DEF STAN 91-86
ISO 4406
DEF STAN 91-091 Aviaton Fuel Specification
ASTM D975 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils , biodiesel, biodiesel blend, diesel, fuel oil, petroleum and petroleum products
IP 565 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuels – portable automatic particle counter method
ASTM D7619 Method for counting and sizing particles in light and middle distillate fuels, and liquid bio fuels, by automatic particle counter
DEF STAN 91-86 Turbine Fuel, Aviation Kerosine Type: High Flash Type
ISO 4406 Hydraulic fluid power - Fluids - Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles