Petroanalysis 2023 Fuels Test Method Conference

26th April 2023 | Company News

Stanhope-Seta were pleased to attend the Petroanalysis 2023 Fuels Test Method Conference in April, hosted by the Energy Institute

PetroanalysisAttended by over 70 key industry people, Seta exhibited a range of our latest instruments including the new H2S Analyser SA4000-4, SetaCheck Biodiesel SA5500-0, AvCount3 Particle Counter SA1100-0 and JetDC 88500-0.

Industry test method and fuel specification experts from independent testing organisations, universities, instrument manufacturers and energy companies were invited to present. Ian Mylrea, Director for Research and Development gave a presentation on Seta’s latest technical developments. Including introducing our pioneering, unique new products such as the JetDC 88500-0 which responds to industry requirements.

The conference provided a great opportunity to network with industry professionals from a range of organisations and hear about important specification updates such as Marine Fuels (ISO 8217), Road Transport Fuels (EN228 and EN590) and Aviation Fuels & Synthetic Aviation Fuels (DefStan 91-091, ASTM D1655, ASTM D7566).

We thank the Energy Institute for hosting this important and informative event.