JIG 142 Product Quality Bulletin Issued ASTM D8073 Preferred Test Method

6th May 2022 | Standard Updates

The Joint Inspection Group (JIG) have issued bulletin 142 recommending the use of ASTM D8073, WSI for Water Separation Testing


JIG are responsible for maintaining and updating the Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) also known as “checklist”.

The latest bulletin 142 provides the industry with an update on the work undertaken, looking at the reliability of the ASTM test methods for determining the water separation properties of JET Fuel.

JIG has revised the Protocol for Water Separation Testing Downstream of Point of Manufacture and now advise testing using ASTM D8073 as the preferred method.

JIG has stated ‘As this method has not shown the same variability of other methods, it has been identified as the preferred method for water separation testing for fuels containing SDA’.

> The full bulletin can be read here

WSI is available from Stanhope Seta Ltd and D2 Incorporated.

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