Formula 1 in Schools Presentation at the main ASTM D02 exec meeting in Seattle

11th July 2022 | Company News

Amber Mylrea presented Formula 1 in Schools at the main ASTM D02 exec meeting in Seattle.

Originating in the UK, F1 in Schools is an inspiring STEM challenge that has grown to attract the world’s most talented 9-19 year olds from over 50 countries. F1 in Schools creates a fun and exciting learning environment for students, changing their perspective on related subjects and inspiring more to enter into a career of engineering, Formula 1, science, marketing and technology.

Students work in teams of three to six and the primary aim is to design, analyse, make, test and race a miniature gas powered car. These cars are capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in under one second. As well as striving to produce the fastest car, teams are also judged on an array of other business skills, including verbal presentations and interviews, pit displays and marketing materials. Competing students are expected to be largely self-sufficient, with all aspects being achieved in extra-curricular time.

Stanhope-Seta is thrilled to be supporting F1 in Schools, the largest and most successful school based STEM program in the world. Each year we look forward to seeing the new teams and their creations, as well as the many success stories who have gone through F1 in Schools initiative to achieve significant outcomes.

To find out more about F1 in Schools, visit here