Stanhope-Seta Proudly Supports GASP, An Alternative Learning Programme

18th July 2022 | Company News

Stanhope-Seta welcomed a new group of young students from GASP after two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stanhope-Seta is proud to have supported GASP over the past 8 years and this summer we welcomed a new group of students to our industry linked programme.

GASP is an inspiring alternative learning programme who provide specialist, practical, hands on experiences to deliver accredited courses in basic mechanics and practical engineering skills for young people aged between 14 and 19 years old. It is designed for students who are disadvantaged and who have special educational needs. By introducing the students to these experiences, GASP helps contribute to the individual’s positive personal development as well as present to them alternative routes into further education, training and employment.

With the involvement of Stanhope-Seta, our team is able to introduce the young students to a wide range of manufacturing and engineering practices including wiring, pipe bending, programming/coding, production processes and CAD design outside of the classroom.

Stanhope-Seta’s GASP Coordinator, Jadranka Nicholls says: “Attending GASP gives students the opportunity to learn things they would not get elsewhere, it is a great way of igniting and raising their interest in engineering. Above all it helps to give them confidence and gain key skills they can apply in the future.”

Stanhope-Seta’s close working relationship with GASP has allowed us to support the project in many ways. With an increase in enquires, GASP is expanding and our commercial director, Giles Verity, was kindly invited to the opening of a new classroom and wellbeing room. The new classroom will allow GASP to double the number of young individuals to attend their site each day, and will provide a safe space for students to sit in comfort and quite when they need someone to talk to.

We are thrilled to support GASP and the young students who attended this year’s course. Stanhope-Seta hopes to help inspire and prepare more bright, young engineers of the future. For more information on GASP and the opportunities at Seta, please email