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Salt in Crude Analyser

Part Number 99700-6

The Seta Salt in Crude Analyser is a robust and portable instrument for determining the chloride (salt) content of crude oils in full conformity to ASTM D3230, IP 265 and equivalent test methods.

The Seta Salt in Crude Analyser is pre-calibrated and automatically displays salt concentration measurements in g/m3 or lbs/1000bbl (pounds per thousand barrels), this avoids the need to mix salt calibration standards and makes testing a simple and fast procedure.

Supplied with beaker and sensor support stands, an optional bench top stand is also available. The analyser also features an interchangeable plug-in sensor and can be operated by either battery or mains power.

Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Salt-in-Crude Analyser ASTM D3230, IP 265


Pre calibrated for immediate use to ASTM D3230
Salt concentration values displayed automatically
No need for mixing of salt standards
Typical test time of less than 30 seconds
Moisture proof membrane touch screen with large keys
Calibration modes allow verification using user standards
RS232 - PC compatible
Fully portable, all items contained in aluminium carry case
Supplied with beaker and sensor support stands
Optional bench top stand (see photo)
Interchangeable plug-in sensor
Battery or mains power supply


ASTM D3230, IP 265

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