SaltCheck Verification Tool - 99703-0

ASTM D3230
IP 265

A set of 3 ‘SaltCheck’ verification modules supplied in a convenient storage case for use with the Salt in Crude Analyser (99700-6). The modules are calibrated to show equivalent salt values of:

• 0 g/m3
• 30 g/m3
• 190 g/m3

Instrument verification is easy - simply switch the instrument on and place the sensor into each ‘SaltCheck’ module to confirm that the correct reading is being displayed.

Saltcheck is supplied with a certificate of verification.

SaltCheck Verification Tool - 99703-0



ASTM D3230 Standard test method for salts in crude oil (electrometric method)
IP 265 Determination of total salts content of crude oil - Conductivity method


CCCN CodeTariff 90318080

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