Filtration Kit ASTM D7501 - 19726-0

ASTM D7501

The filtration kit is used for measurement of the fuel filter blocking potential of biodiesel B100 blend stock by cold soak filtration test (CSFT).

Additional Information

Supplied with;
0.7 micron Filters
Glass Filter Funnel and Clamp
Filter Forceps
1 litre Safety Flask
1 litre Receiving Flask
500 ml Graduated Cylinder
3 x Petri Dish
6 x Watch Glass
Earth Leads
2 x Stopper with 3/8” hole
Aluminium Foil

CCCN CodeTariff 84141089


ASTM D7501
ASTM D7501 Determination of Fuel Filter Blocking Potential of Biodiesel (B100) Blend Stock by Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT).