Team Imperium are off to the World Finals

14th February 2023 | Company News

Team Imperium are heading to Singapore in September for the World Finals and are now looking for sponsors.

After achieving the title of English Champions at the National Finals for F1 in Schools in January this year, Team Imperium have qualified for the next exciting stage in the competition, The World Finals.

Team Imperium

The World Finals will be held in Singapore in September over a course of five competition days. From 25 countries, rounding up over 50 teams, Imperium are in for a tough competition but one they are thrilled to be a part of.

Team Imperium now have the exciting challenge of designing and engineering an entirely new car for the World Finals. After receiving Best Engineered Car and the Scrutineering Award at the National Finals, we have no doubt the team will excel at this task. The teams brand has shone through to give them a truly unique identity within the competition, additionally earning them the Team Identity Award at the National Finals.

Team Imperium are looking for sponsors to support them on their journey to the World Finals in the hope that with new experiences, exciting opportunities, resources and financial support, they can go all the way. The inspiring STEM program has grown to attract the world’s most talented students to design, analyse, make, test and race miniature gas powered cars with the aim of creating a fun and exciting learning environment for students. F1 in Schools changes the way we look at STEM subjects, encouraging a new generation to enter into careers of engineering, science, marketing and technology.

If you are interested in sponsoring Team Imperium, please contact or visit the Teams GoFund me page here

Good luck Team Imperium on your exciting journey to the World Finals!