Placement Student Wins Award

25th April 2022 | Company News

Elisavetha Sergeev wins the Faculty Award FEPS at the Professional Training Awards 2022

We are thrilled to announce Elisavetha Sergeev, a recent placement student within our Research and Development team here at Seta, has won this year’s Faculty Award FEPS at the Professional Training Awards 2022 hosted by the University of Surrey.
Elisavetha Sergeev
This award highlights the achievements that students have made whilst raising the profile of their subject whilst on PTY. What an amazing accomplishment this is and one we are very proud of Lisa for achieving. Maddy Redpath, a key member of our Research and Development team has commented “While at Seta, Lisa worked incredibly hard and was very thorough in her work. She is incredibly deserving of this award and I am excited to see what she does next.”

Professional Training Awards 2022 | Faculty Award Winner Announcement for FEPS

In a comment made by Lisa, “I’m so proud to have achieved this award! My experience at Stanhope-Seta was irreplaceable and I hope my impact and placement promotion has helped students to find or even consider applying for them. Thank you Stanhope-Seta for the opportunity to learn from you and everyone who helped me on my journey.”

Congratulations Lisa!

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