Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) now includes Water Separation Instrument (WSI)

28th October 2020 | Standard Updates

We are pleased to announce another important milestone for the WSI. The CGSB have confirmed the inclusion of ASTM D8073 (WSI) in mandatory Table 1 of the Canadian Jet fuel specification, CGSB 3.23-2019.

WSI provides the right first time approachWSI Water Separation Instrument

The WSI SA9000-0 > has been the subject of the most exhaustive trails ever conducted on Water Separation Instrumentation, proving a near 100% accuracy rate in determining the separation characteristics of aviation turbine fuels to release entrained and emulsified water when passed through a water-coalescing filter.

Thanks to its fully automatic test sequence and consistent sample handling, test repeatability and reproducibility is ensured. Possible missed steps or operator bias are eliminated for precise results.

Simple operation

The WSI features a simple user interface with touch screen display. The fully automated test means minimal operator knowledge and experience is required. No extensive training is required before using the instrument.

No instrument warm up time is required so tests can begin immediately. You simply place the sample in the beaker, let the test run and results are displayed in ten minutes.

Results are stored within the instrument memory, you can download via USB for further data analysis.

Watch how quick and easy it is to use the WSI here >

Cost and time saving

You do not require any expensive consumables when using the WSI, just one low cost filter per test. This provides substantial cost and waste savings to refineries and test houses.

Due to its simplicity and automation, running a test requires little operator time, giving you the option to work on something else, helping to reduce labour costs.

You can perform calibration on site, reducing instrument down time and eliminating costs associated with sending the instrument to a service centre.

For more information on the WSI Water Separation Instrument SA9000-0 click here > and to organise a demonstration email