SSAFPAK Aviation Fuel Contamination Test Kit - 86500-3

ASTM D2624
ASTM D3828
ASTM D7777

The SSAFPAK Aviation Fuel Contamination Test Kit is a self-contained kit of test equipment for rapid detection of contamination in jet aviation fuel. Designed for use on the apron and at fuel storage facilities, SSAFPAK allows you to carry out six tests that can quickly provide a go/no-go decision on aviation fuel quality.

The Kit comprises of 6 key tests: Flash Point, Contamination, Density, Conductivity, Water Content & Microbial Activity.

SSAFPAK Aviation Fuel Contamination Test Kit - 86500-3


  • Rapid go/no go testing
  • Self contained and fully portable
  • Ready to use
  • Six simple to use tests
  • Laboratory quality flash point tester
  • Rugged fitted case

Additional Information

Flash Point (ASTM D3828):
A Setaflash Series 3 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester provides either a go/no-go test, or can determine the actual flash point of the sample. The Setaflash is a laboratory standard instrument featuring an automatic flash detection system that provides a result in two minutes. A power inverter is included to allow operation from a 12V DC supply.

A Seta Detector Module, designed to fit into the cup of the Setaflash Series 3 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester, provides an indication of contamination of gasoline by kerosine or kerosine by diesel fuel by comparing residues after evaporation.

A digital meter is provided to measure the density of the sample.

Conductivity (ASTM D2624):
A digital meter (99708-0) measures the conductivity of the sample, verifying that it remains within specification after the addition of static dissipator.

Water Content:
Shell Water Detection Capsules indicate the presence of finely dispersed undissolved water in aviation fuel by a simple colour change, providing a rapid go/no-go result. A 5 ml sample is drawn through the capsule, and the intensity of the colour change gives an approximate indication of the level of contamination, with 30 ppm water easily detectable.

Microbial Activity:
Simple to use test paddles provide a go/no-go test for Hormoconis Resinae (HR) in the sample. Each paddle has two test pads, low test has a cut-off at 150 µg/l and high test has a cut-off >750 µg/l HR in fuel.

Supplied with:
Safety glasses
Carry case
Instruction manual
Size (HxWxD)35 cm x 90 cm x 80 cm
Weight12 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90269000


ASTM D2624
ASTM D3828
ASTM D7777
ASTM D3828 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Tester
ASTM D2624 Measurement of Electrical Conductivity of Distillate Fuels
ASTM D7777 Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Liquid Petroleum by Portable Digital Density Meter