FIJI MF – FAME in MultiFuels - SA5200-0

ASTM D1665
ASTM D7797
ASTM D7963
IP 583
DEF STAN 91-091
ISO 8217

The patented FIJI has been developed to offer a rapid and easy check on Parts Per Million (ppm or mg/kg) levels of FAME in aviation fuel, distillates, residuals and gasoline.

FIJI uniquely utilises FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy) technology and a patented sample preparation system which allows FAME detection accuracy down to the 10 mg/kg level.

FIJI can be used as a field or lab based screening tool to give a quick indication of possible FAME contamination that may then necessitate further investigations. The instrument helps to prevent expensive testing and avoid costly delays of fuel release.

FIJI MF – FAME in MultiFuels - SA5200-0


  • 10-150ppm (mg/kg) in Jet Fuels
  • 20 mg/kg to 50% in Distillate & Residual Fuels
  • Measures the presence of all FAME types C8 to C22
  • Approved for co-processed fuels
  • No hydrocarbon cleaning solvents required
  • Laboratory and field instrument
  • Suitable for untrained operators
  • Patent Approved

Additional Information

Ease of use:
The instrument is extremely simple to use and fully automatic, specialist operator training is not required.
The system is self-cleaning, no solvents are required. After each test you simply replace the cartridge and the instrument is immediately ready for the next sample.

Enhanced test throughput:
Tests require less than 50 ml of sample and typically take under 20 minutes.
Results are presented in mg/kg units together with an optional traffic light system for flagging FAME contamination levels of the fuel.
By comparison current analytical tests can take many hours, require complex equipment and demand high skill levels.

Precision and accuracy:
Using a unique sample preparation module the sample is pumped at a controlled flow rate though a proprietary disposable cartridge.
The sample components are analysed by the FTIR and a result is displayed in mg/kg, a graphical spectrum is also shown.
Measurement range10-150 mg/kg FAME in Jet Fuels

20 mg/kg to 50% FAME in Distillate & Residual Fuels

Test duration20 minutes
Sample size50 ml
Temperature range5 to 35 °C maximum (80% RH)
ConnectivityUSB 'A' 2 ports, LIMS
Power50W maximum
Voltage100/250 V, 50/60 Hz
Size (HxWxD)55 x 38 x 42 cm
Weight27 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90273000


ASTM D1665
ASTM D7797
ASTM D7963
IP 583
DEF STAN 91-091
ISO 8217
ASTM D1665 Engler Specific Viscosity of Tar Products
DEF STAN 91-091 Aviaton Fuel Specification
IP 583 Rapid Screening Test for FAME in JET
ISO 8217 Fuel Standard for marine distillate fuels and for marine residual fuels
ASTM D7797 Rapid Screening Test for FAME in Aviation Turbine Fuel
ASTM D7963 Determination of Contamination Level of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Middle Distillate and Residual Fuels Using Flow Analysis by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy -Rapid Screening Method