Seta C-92 Automatic Cleveland Flash Point Tester - 35300-0

ASTM D8254
IP 36
DIN 51 376
ISO 2592
JIS K2265
NF T60-118

The Seta C-92 Cleveland open cup Flash and Fire point tester is an automatic bench-top instrument, used to determine flash point and fire point temperatures of products at temperatures up to 400 °C.

The C-92 is controlled through a large colour touchscreen and allows test progress and results to be viewed from across the laboratory if required.

The instrument incorporates a heater, a removable test cup, interchangeable gas and electric hot-wire ignitors mounted on an automatic sweep arm, a platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) to measure the sample temperature, an ionisation ring to detect a flash/fire, a snuffer and a fire extinguisher. A draught screen around the test area ensures accurate results.

An automatic snuffer deploys to extinguish the burning sample at the end of a test and an optical fire sensor provides next level safety.

C-92 Statistical Quality Control (SQC) software provides detailed analysis of test results, calculated mean, standard deviation, standard error, repeatability and plot of results in accordance with ASTM D6299 Statistical Standard.

Seta C-92 Automatic Cleveland Flash Point Tester - 35300-0


  • Easy operation
  • Superior safety
  • Gas or electronic ignition
  • Real time display of test progress
  • Unique test profiles
  • Large touch screen
  • Rapid cooling system
  • Automatic snuffer and fire extinguisher
  • Large memory storage
  • Statistical Quality Control software

Additional Information

Operator safety:
Snuffer automatically deploys when test ends to extinguish burning sample
Snuffer can be manually deployed at any time
Optical fire sensor provides another level of fire protection, inert gas is deployed around cup and cup area if persistent fire is detected
If sensor detects a fire at any other time or it is not extinguised by the snuffer, the fire extinguisher deploys
Additional safety features include over-temperature cut-out, optional safety sweeps, gas shut off and emergency stop

Ease of use:
Intuitive user menu with colour touch screen operation
Real time display of test progress
Large capacity memory allows storage of test profiles, operator names, test methods and results
Test status and results are graphically displayed
Data format is compatible with most PC/LIMS spreadsheets and a USB port allows results to be saved to portable memory devices
QR code data transfer

Enhanced test throughput:
Bespoke test profiles enable the test to be set up and repeated quickly without re-entering the same information
Snuffer plate and ionisation ring are quickly and easily removed for cleaning to minimise down time between tests
Built in cooling system helps maximise test efficiency by rapidly cooling the cup at the end of test, allowing next test to start as soon as possible

Precision and accuracy:
Fully automated test process ensures repeatability and reproducibility
On-board barometer automatically corrects test results for variations in atmospheric pressure
Draught screen around test cup for consistency and accuracy of results
Optional rake to remove skin on sample
Password protected 'calibration' mode allows verification of instrument perfomance
SQC software to maintain instrument accuracy and enable product quality monitoring

Supplied with: Cup, Draft shield, mains cable and instrument handbook.
Ignition systemElectric or gas
Flash detectionIonisation ring
Fire detectionIonisation ring and optical fire sensor
CoolingFast forced air (integral fan, adjustable)
Heating rateAdjustable fast heating mode (up to 17 °C/min) and standard rate 5.50 °C/min
Temperature rangeAmbient to 400 °C
Internal memoryMore than 7 Gb of storage
PowerMaximum 600 W, during typical test <100 W
Voltage100 V to 240 V, 47 Hz to 63 Hz, autosensing
Size (HxWxD)240 x 385 x 450 mm
Weight15.5 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90268020


ASTM D8254
IP 36
DIN 51 376
ISO 2592
JIS K2265
NF T60-118
DIN 51 376 Flash And Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup
ISO 2592 Flash And Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup
AASHTO T48 Test for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup (ASTM D 92-05a)
JIS K2265 Open cup flash tester according to Cleveland
ASTM D92 Standard test method for flash and fire points by cleveland open cup
IP 36 Determination of flash and fire points - Cleveland open cup method (ISO 2592:2000)
NF T60-118 The Multiflash-Cleveland fully automates and conforms precisely to national and international Cleveland Open Cup test methods.
ASTM D8254 Standard test method for Flash and Fire Points of Asphalt by Cleveland Open Cup Tester