Team Nightingale placed Third at the World Finals of F1 in Schools

29th September 2023 | Company News

Congratulations to Team Nightingale who placed Third at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Singapore.

Team Nightingale’s four members Amber, Charlotte, Harriet and Alistair made their way to the World Finals which took place 8th-14th September 2023. In total, 68 teams from around the world took part in the World Finals all with unique cars built from scratch.

In the lead up to the competition, Team Nightingale had to design and build a brand new car following a new set of rules and regulations released by F1 in Schools. As well as the challenge of building an entirely new car, the team had to design their own pit, uniform and find ways to raise the money to fund their adventure to the World Finals. Through a number of sponsorships which helped towards these designs, the team were ready for Singapore.

The week consisted of pit building, racing, verbal presentations about innovation, sustainability, collaboration and the teams learning experiences throughout their F1 in Schools experience. A number of interviews also took place including an engineering interview, enterprise interview and a scrutineering interview. Each interview allowed the team members to demonstrate their level of knowledge that went into designing and engineering the car, the work that went into the marketing material which attracted many sponsorships and how their social media helped promote their final goal. The teams hard work and determination meant they excelled in these interviews and wowed the judges.

After two days of prep work and three more of tense racing, Team Nightingale were triumphant and placed third at the World Finals. Not only did they place, the team also won the Autodesk Pressure Challenge and were nominated for the Verbal Presentation Award. Seta is immensely proud of the work that Amber, Charlotte, Harriet and Alistair have put towards the competition and believe it will inspire many more to take part in F1 in Schools. The team have commented below.

“Ecstatic and such a great achievement for us and more than we ever dreamt of!”– Charlotte

“Something unlike any other, the adrenaline, dedication, it’s hard to find the words to describe it.” – Alistair

“Wonderful experience and I’ve had the time of my life.” – Harriet

“Being on podium is one of the most incredible feelings, seeing all the dedication and hard work paying off after all these years. The whole experience is something I will never forget!” – Amber

Congratulations to Team Nightingale on this incredible achievement. All at Seta are very proud of the team and to be a part of such an inspiring STEM challenge. If you would like to learn more about F1 in Schools, visit here.