Crude Oil Vapour Pressure Testing with the SetaVap4 and Manual Piston Cylinder

29th June 2020 | New Products

The vapour pressure of crude oil can now be tested using the SetaVap4 and Manual Piston Cylinder in full compliance with ASTM D6377 and ASTM D8009Crude Oil MPC with SetaVap4 Vapour Pressure Tester

Measuring the vapour pressure of crude oil gives an indication as to how the crude will perform during handling, helping to prevent costly damage to pipelines or vessels during the transportation process.

SetaVap4’s unique software allows users to fully understand crude oil vapour pressure and enable compliance with regulations by plotting temperature versus vapour pressure.

The Crude Oil Manual Piston Cylinder (80615-0) enables a sample to remain a liquid without loss of volatile light ends, if such crudes were measured from an open sampling vessel, significant loss of light ends would occur, lowering the vapour pressure and giving an incorrect measurement.

For a quick and an easy test set up, the Inlet Connection Kit (80605-0) features quick fit connectors.

For more information on the SetaVap4 Vapour Pressure Analyser click here > and to learn more about measuring the vapour pressure of crude oil >