Stanhope-Seta Proudly Supports GASP, An Alternative Learning Programme

22nd November 2019 | Company News

Stanhope-Seta Welcomes A New Group Of Young Students

Stanhope-Seta is proud to have supported GASP over the last 5 years and this September welcomed a new group of students to our industry linked programme.

GASP is an effective alternative learning provider that delivers accredited AQA and Laser courses in basic motor mechanics and practical engineering skills. It is designed for young students with special educational needs and helps to contribute to students’ positive personal development as well as introducing them to an alternative route into further education, training and employment.

Students at Stanhope-SetaWhilst at Stanhope-Seta students are introduced to a wide range of manufacturing and engineering practices including wiring assembly, pipe bending, programming/coding, production processes and CAD design.

Stanhope-Seta GASP Coordinator, Jadranka Nicholls says: “Attending GASP gives students the opportunity to learn things they would not get elsewhere, it is a great way of igniting and raising their interest in engineering. Above all it helps to give them confidence and gain key skills they can apply in the future.”

We look forward to completing this year’s course and preparing more bright, young engineers of the future. For more information on GASP and opportunities at Seta, please email