ASTM D1655 mandates FIJI technology

17th December 2018 | Standard Updates

FIJI FAME AnalyserASTM D1655 now includes ASTM D7797/IP 583 (FIJI) as a mandated test for all refineries who are co-producing fuel.

Co-processing is the use of bio feedstock materials as a source of energy to supplement the amount of petroleum based feedstocks used for fuels, reducing the use of conventional fossil fuels.

When refineries co-process fuels there is a high potential for bio products to comingle with aviation fuels and quality assurance monitoring of product movement from refinery to wing is a challenge.

FIJI is the preferred test for management of change (MOC) studies to release product. It helps to ensure co-processed feedstock has not exceeded the permitted level of 15mg/kg FAME. FIJI is suitable for untrained operators and gives rapid screening of all FAME types.

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