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Spares and accessories for:
FIJI JF - FAME in Jet Instrument (SA5000-2)

Required Accessories

Part Number Description
SA5001-0 FIJI IP 583 Starter Kit

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
SA5003-0 FIJI Low Lint Wipes (pack of 280)
SA5004-100 FIJI Beaker 50 ml (pack of 100)
SA5005-100 FIJI IP 583 and ASTM D7797 Cartridge (pack of 100)
SA5015-0 FIJI IP 583 and ASTM D7797 Annual Service Kit

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
SA5020-0FIJI Verification Material 30 ppm, 100 ml
SA5021-0FIJI Verification Material 100 ppm, 100 ml
SA5025-0FIJI IP 583 and ASTM D7797 Calibration Material Set
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