Winder with Depth Counter - 14867-0

The winder includes a mechanically driven depth counter to show the operator the depth of the sampler at all times. The design also includes a reduction gear drive between the winding handle and the reel to assist the lifting and lowering of samplers.

The stainless steel cable avoids contamination that can occur with ropes and chains, and the special hook minimises the risk of a sampler becoming detached from the winder.

The hook and cable, together with the winder's earthing strap, ensure electrical continuity and prevent the build up of static electricity.

Winder with Depth Counter - 14867-0


  • Suitable for the manual sampling of bulk liquids
  • Gear drive depth counter



Equipped with an automatic reel lock for added safety which enagages automatically as soon as the operator releases the winding knob.


Cable Length x Diameter32 metres x 2 mm
Recommended sampler sizeUp to 2.5 L
MaterialsStainless Steel 316 with Brass Guides
Weight2.9 kg
Tested Load10 kg
Cable safe working load48 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90178010

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