Universal Sampler - 14877-0

ISO 3170

A valve at the bottom of the universal sampler is actuated by an adjustable bottom sensor, allowing true bottom sampling between 1 and 35 cm above the bottom of the bulk container.

The valve at the top of the sampler is actuated by a snatch cord and latches in the open position.

A “Top Hat” prevents liquid running down the line from contaminating the contents of the sampler.

Universal Sampler - 14877-0


  • Bottom or Multi-Level sampling
  • Automatic opening and closing bottom valve
  • Top valve latches open

Additional Information

Capacity1 litre
MaterialStainless steel
Sampling Range (height from bottom)1 to 35 cm
Diameter6.4 cm
Length (probe retracted)52 cm
Weight2.5 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90178090


ISO 3170
ISO 3170 Petroleum liquids - Manual sampling

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