Thermostir - 15157-2

High-performance, programmable digital heating circulator with an exceptionally simple user interface. This allows fast set-up of multiple parameters through a powerful menu system and provides sophisticated control for temperature-controlled applications in the range of -50 to 150 ºC.

The unit includes a powerful heater for fast heat-up, a powerful integral pump for circulating temperature controlled fluid around external apparatus, and memory capacity for one program of 30 segments.

For use with the Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath (11400-7).

Thermostir - 15157-2


  • Full colour display
  • Setpoint, plus three adjustable preset temperature values
  • Timer function with audible alert and heater control
  • Adjustable over-temperature cut-out
  • Fault indication display
  • Programmable relay
  • Two-point user recalibration of internal and external probes
  • Off-set adjustment for optimal isothermal performance

Additional Information

The Thermostir can be programmed via intuitive user interface or by connecting to a PC or laptop. The software features real-time status windows, a graphic display of the controller's performance as a program is run, and allows data to be logged for future recall and analysis.

Supplied with;
Mains lead
Instruction manual

Temperature Range-50 to 150 °C
Display Resolution0.1 °C
Temperature Stability± 0.1 °C
Maximum circulation capacity50 litres
Voltage110/120 V, 50/60 Hz 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power1.5 Kw
Size (HxWxD)34 x 12 x 17 cm
Weight3 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 84198998