Thermostir - 15159-2

A high specification general purpose thermostir which converts most vessels into a thermostatic bath and features an integral stirrer to maintain a uniform temperature in the bath.

Temperature is digitally controlled to an accuracy of ±0.01 °C across a temperature range of ambient -50 to 200 °C. The stirrer paddle is mounted in the centre of the helical heating element to promote even temperature distribution.

The mounting clamp accommodates a maximum wall thickness of 35 mm for rectangular tanks or 30 mm for circular tanks.

The unit is equipped with a low liquid level protection device and adjustable over-temperature cut-out.

Thermostir - 15159-2


  • Full colour QVGA TFT screen
  • Operating setpoint, plus three adjustable preset temperature values
  • Timer function for reaction timing, with audible alert and heater control
  • Alarms can be configured to switch a relay (high and low) - visual, audible and programmable
  • Five point user recalibration
  • USB interface
  • Storage for 10 programs of up to 100 segments
  • Choice of language: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian



Temperature Range-50 to 200 ºC (-50 with the aid of external cooling)
Display Resolution0.01 ºC
Temperature Stability± 0.01 ºC
Maximum Circulation Capacity50 Litres
Voltage220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power2000 W
Weight2.6 kg
Size (HxWxD)>342 x 141 x 172 mm
CCCN CodeTariff 84198998

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