Seta Tri-Gauge Viscosity Comparator - 22950-2

A transparent perspex block with three tube and ball testers that allow a simple comparison of a sample to reference oils of higher and lower viscosity.

Seta Tri-Gauge Viscosity Comparator - 22950-2


  • Ideal for In-Service lubricant oil testing
  • Rapid and easy Go / No-Go viscosity test
  • Quick and easy comparison of approximate relative viscosity
  • 10ml sample and reference oil size
  • Suitable for clear and opaque liquids
  • Engraved scale

Additional Information

The outer tubes are used for reference oils to the highest and lowest permitted viscosity. The sample is placed in the centre tube. By inverting the Tri-Gauge and observing the order in which the balls fall to the bottom of the tubes a simple Go / No-Go decision can be made.

The relative viscosities can be determined by reading the position of the sample tube ball against the scale when the first ball reaches the bottom of the tube. The scale is graduated with the multiplication factor to be applied to the viscosity of the oil in the tube of the first ball to reach the bottom. If the viscosity of that oil is known, the viscosities of the sample can be deduced to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

The reference oils can be left in the Tri-Gauge tubes in readiness for future tests.

Supplied with;
Special top closures
Instruction manual

CCCN CodeTariff 90278990

Seta Tri-Gauge Viscosity Comparator - 22950-2