STVM – Gasoline 5 x 5 ml - 99865-0

ASTM D3606

Seta Single Test Verification Materials (STVM) enable individual tests and instruments to be validated. The volume of verification material in each container has been chosen to ensure that there is little wastage after completion of verification tests, and reducing the risk using a verification material that has been accidentally contaminated by another user. STVMs allow highly accurate monitoring of instrument performance and operator technique.

STVMs are blended by a major multi-national refining company in conformance with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC/EN 17025 (ISO Guide 25 and EN 45001) and tested internationally by a statistically significant number of laboratories to determine certified values.

Certification: Supplied with a Certificate which gives a certified value for an individual test.


  • Single test verification
  • Manufactured in conformance to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025
  • Supports full compliance to ASTM & IP test method
  • Supplied with full certification including MSDS
  • Tamper evident security packaging
  • 2 year shelf life from manufacture

Additional Information

Test NameBenzene
Range0.596 %vol
CCCN CodeTariff 38229000


ASTM D3606
ASTM D3606 Standard Test Method for Determination of Benzene and Toluene in Finished Motor and Aviation Gasoline by Gas Chromatography