Seta-Lovibond High Precision Colorimeter - 15320-2

ASTM D1209
ASTM D1500
ASTM D5386
ASTM D6045
IP 17 Method B (Obsolete)
IP 196
BS 2000-196 & ISO 2049
BS 5339 & ISO 2211
BS EN ISO 6271

The Seta-Lovibond Colorimeter is a high precision version of the 15260-4 Seta Multicolour Automatic Colorimeter.

The instrument provides determinations in Saybolt Colour, ASTM colour, Pt-Co / Hazen / APHA colour, Gardner, Lovibond RYBN, IP units, CIE values or spectral data.

An integral heater unit allows samples such as waxes to be maintained in a liquid state.

Seta-Lovibond High Precision Colorimeter - 15320-2


  • Multiple colour scales including ASTM and Saybolt
  • Rapid measurement < 25 seconds
  • Objective colour measurement
  • USB,LAN,RS232 interface
  • Heater for wax samples
  • 153 mm sample chamber
  • Integrated remote calibration
  • ASTM Saybolt and Lovibond colour scales
  • Electronic detection and analysis
  • Fast colour measurement less than 25 seconds
  • PC interface and software
  • Integral heater for measuring samples at elevated temperatures
  • 6 language display



Supplied with: Software, 10 mm, 33 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 1" and 6" path length borosilicate glass cells (one of each), RCMSi Starter Pack, CS conformance filter, Spare lamp, Universal power supply, Instruction manual.


ASTM D6045 Standard test method for Colour of Petroleum Pproducts by the Automatic Tristimulus Method
BS 5339 & ISO 2211 Method of measurement of colour in Hazen units (platinum-cobalt scale) of liquid chemical products
ASTM D156 Saybolt Colour of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chrometer Method)
ASTM D1500 Standard test method for ASTM colour of petroleum products (ASTM color scale)
IP 17 Method B (Obsolete) Determination of colour - Lovibond tintometer method. Procedure B - Colour in IP units
ASTM D1209 Standard test method for colour of clear liquids (Platinum-cobalt scale)
BS 2000-196 & ISO 2049 Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Determination of colour (ASTM scale)
ASTM E308 Computing Colours Using the CIE System
IP 196 Standard test method for ASTM colour of petroleum products (ASTM color scale)
ASTM D5386 Standard Test Method for Color of Liquids Using Tristimulus Colorimetry
BS EN ISO 6271 Clear liquids. Estimation of colour by the platinum-cobalt colour scale


Measuring principle16 interference filters
Spectral response Bandwidth420 - 710 nm 20 nm
Repeatability-Chromaticity (x,y) ± 0.0002 -Transmittance ± 0.25% -Lovibond values ± 1
Measurement time CalibrationLess than 25 seconds Single key press; fully automated
Light source Illuminant5 volt, 10 Watt tungsten halogen lamp CIE Illuminant A, B, C, D65
Observers2 °, 10 °
Path Length0.1 - 153 mm
Input voltageUniversal, via external power supply
Display2 x 40-character, back-lit LCD
Keypad21-key membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback
InstructionsChoice of 7 languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
Heater unit95 °C Max
Size (HxWxD) Weight17x52x20 cm 8 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90279000

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