Seta Block Heater - 90300-2

ASTM D1796
ASTM D4007

A processor controlled heater you can use in conjunction with the Block for Seta Block Heater (90301-2, not included). The heater has a temperature range of 15 to 130 °C.

The heater is equipped with a 1 to 999 minute countdown timer with buzzer, a temperature deviation alarm that you can set from 0.5 to 10 °C to able deviation, an external temperature probe socket and a delay start stop feature that allows the heater to be turned on or off after a predetermined time interval.

You can calibrate the heater over a wide temperature range.

Seta Block Heater - 90300-2


  • Centrifuge/Sample Pre-heater
  • Liquidless dry block heating
  • Temperature range: 15 °C to 130 °C
  • 4 tube capacity
  • 999 minute timer

Additional Information

Supplied with;
Block extractor tool
Mains lead
Instruction manual

Temperature Range15 to 130 °C
Stability±0.1 °C
Timer Range1 to 999 mins
Heating Power200 W @ 110 V 300 W @ 240 V
Voltage110/120 V, 50/60 Hz 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Size (HxWxD)10 x 20 x 28 cm
Weight3 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 84219100


ASTM D1796
ASTM D4007
ASTM D1796 Standard Test Method for Water and Sediment in Fuel Oils by the Centrifuge Method (Laboratory Procedure)
ASTM D4007 Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method (Laboratory Procedure)