EMCOR Test Machine - 19300-0

ASTM D6138
IP 220
DIN 51802
ISO 11007

The EMCOR grease test rig has been developed for testing lubricating greases on their corrosion inhabiting characteristics in rolling bearings. Tests can be carried out in the presence of either distilled or demineralised water, salt water or synthetic sea water, along with no applied load.

It can also be used to test the corrosion inhibiting characteristics of lubricating oils.

EMCOR Test Machine - 19300-0


  • Eight test positions
  • Digital control unit & timer
  • Optional safety cover
  • Optional washout pump and tubes



Water contamination can occur in cases where bearing housings are mounted outdoors, in machines regularly subject to water or steam - papermaking machines, food-processing machines - or in under water applications.

Lubricating greases consist of various components which chemically may look alike. However, small changes or differences in composition, different suppliers or changes in the process of making greases may result in great performance differences of corrosion inhibiting.

Supplied with:
Eight polyamide housings
Test bearings
Instruction manual

Please note: new test bearings, EMCOR Test Bearings (19300-004), are required for each test.

The EMCOR Starter Kit (19301-0) comprises 20 ml syringe, torque wrench, 9mm socket and mirror.


ASTM D6138 Determination of Corrosion-Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases Under Dynamic Wet Conditions (Emcor Test)
IP 220 determination of the rust-prevention characteristics of lubricating greases and oils in the presence of an aqueous test fluid.
DIN 51802 Evaluates the rust preventive properties of greases
ISO 11007 Measures the ability of a grease to protect a bearing against corrosion in the presence of water.


Test bearing8 pieces special treated 1306 K/236725 double row self-aligning ball bearings
Speed80 rpm ±5
Power230 V/50-60 Hz or 115 V/50-60 Hz
Size (HxWxD)28 x 120 x 38 cm

* Height depends on type of electrical motor used

CCCN CodeTariff 90318080

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