Dip Tape and Frame - 14940-0

ISO 4512

Used to gauge the depth of product in a storage tank, the amount of ullage and detect the presence and quantity of water.

Complies to ISO 4512.

Dip Tape and Frame - 14940-0


  • 30 metre steel tape
  • Brass winding frame
  • To EC class II standard of accuracy

Additional Information

A hardened and tempered carbon steel tape 13 mm wide, 30 metres long, and graduated in metres, centimeters and millimetres. The brass frame is fitted with a carrying handle and a folding winding handle which locks into position.

Requires one of;
Torpedo-Shaped Dip Weight - 0.7 Kgs For Light Oils (14420-0)
Torpedo-Shaped Dip Weight - 1.5 Kgs for Heavy Oils (14460-0)

CCCN CodeTariff 90178010



ISO 4512
ISO 4512 Petroleum and liquid petroleum products — Equipment for measurement of liquid levels in storage tanks.