GASP Students Complete their 5 Week Course at Seta

18th June 2024 | Company News

Congratulations to the students from Fullbrook, New Haw for completing their 5-week course with GASP.

Stanhope-Seta has been a proud supporter of GASP and our most recent group of students from Fullbrook School in New Haw have completed their 5-week course. The students, who had no previous experience of any manufacturing processes, were challenged to build a personalised speaker from scratch.

The GASP Charity programme provide specialist, practical, hands on experiences to deliver courses in basic mechanics and practical engineering skills for young people between the ages of 14 and 19 years old. Each week the group were introduced to a new skill which allowed them to develop and design their own speaker. These skills included digital 3D graphic design in Solidworks, 3D printing, crimping, soldering, machining, Arduino and Scratch programming, production processes and procedure, packaging materials and processes and final assembly of their project.

We are incredibly proud of the students who took part. Each individual showed an abundance of dedication, persistence and problem solving capabilities. Our Business and Community Lead, Jadranka Nicholls supported the students throughout the course and has commented “We are delighted to be able to inspire a new generation of STEM students and show them what they are capable of once they put their mind to it. This experience will allow them to make more informed decisions once they complete their secondary education.”

Mrs L Breakwell, Alternative Learning Coordinator at Fullbrook school who accompanied the students throughout the 5 weeks has commented

“Our visits to Stanhope-Seta have been hugely beneficial to our students. They have been lucky to gain an insight into different aspects of working in an engineering company and have made themselves a portable speaker at the same time!

It is wonderful to observe these students engaged in this project and benefiting from positive interactions with adults outside of the school setting. They have clearly grown in confidence and I know that talking to staff at Stanhope-Seta who joined the company on apprenticeships has opened up possibilities for them once they leave school. We are so grateful for this opportunity for our students and know that it has had a big impact on our students. Thank you Stanhope-Seta!”

We are thrilled to support GASP and the young students who attend. Stanhope-Seta hopes to help inspire and prepare more bright, young engineers of the future. For more information on GASP and the opportunities at Seta, please email