Stanhope-Seta’s Business and Community Lead Becomes a STEM Learning Ambassador

6th September 2023 | Company News

Stanhope-Seta would like to congratulate our Business and Community Lead, Jadranka Masnec Nicholls on becoming a STEM Learning Ambassador.
Jadranka Nicholls
Whilst working at Seta, Jadranka has worked closely with STEM programs to help inspire young students and raise their interest in STEM subjects. Now as an Ambassador for Primary, Secondary and Post-16 students with STEM Learning, Jadranka will have the opportunity to volunteer her time, passion and energy to visit schools, colleges and youth group organisations to link STEM subjects to the real world of work.

STEAM Learning are committed to providing world-leading STEM education for all young students across the UK. Ambassadors aim to positively influence attitudes towards STEM, research and innovation to inspire and support young people through their education and for those wanting to pursue STEM careers in the future.

Jadranka has commented “I would like to make a lasting impact in providing practical work experience to all students which will, in return, allow them to make the informed decision about their options within further education, apprenticeships or employment”.

To find out more about STEM Learning, visit here