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Small Scale Flash Point Testing Equipment

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Setaflash Small Scale Flash Point Testing

ISO 3679; ISO 3680 (obs); ISO 9038; ASTM D3278; D3828; D4206; D7236; EPA 1020 A & B; IP 523; 524; 534; 602; BS 2000-523

Setaflash testers are approved in over 1000 international product specifications and regulations for the measurement of flash point and sustained combustibility using closed and open cup small scale testers. Suitable for a wide range of applications which include quality control of petroleum products, tests for contamination or adulteration and classification of hazardous substances in accordance with transport regulations.

Setaflash Small Scale Test Methods offer significant technical benefits which include a very small sample volume (2 or 4 ml) and very rapid test duration (1 or 2 minutes) and are called up in many specifications as an approved alternative to ASTM D93 (Pensky-Martens) or ASTM D56 (Tag) and other traditional flash point tests.

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