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Copper Corrosion Kit for Grease

Part Number 11519-0

The Copper Corrosion Kit comprises all of the accessories required to carry out tests on Grease to ASTM D4048 and BS2000-112, IP 112. Quantities are sufficient for running two tests simultaneously.

Includes 50 x silicon carbide paper - 240 grit, 1 x silicon carbide grains 150 grit (pack of 5 x 500g), 1 x tongs, 1 x multi-strip vice, 30 x copper test strips, 10 x flat glass test tubes, 1 x ASTM copper strip corrosion standard, 1 x digital stopwatch, 10 x graduated jar and corks, 2 x test jar holders, 10 glass vent tubes.

Note: Compatible with 11300-2, 11305-2, 11400-7, 15550-3 and 99200-3 Corrosion Baths.


CCCN Code: Tariff 90249000


BS 2000-112, IP 112Determination of corrosiveness to copper of lubricating grease. Copper strip method
ASTM D4048Standard test method for detection of copper corrosion from lubricating grease
Silver Corrosion Test Kit for Grease


ASTM D4048, BS 2000-112, IP 112

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