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Setaflash Series 8 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester - High Temperature

Part Number 82000-0

The Setaflash Series 8 is an automated closed cup flash point tester with a temperature range of ambient to 300 C (ambient to 572 F). The instrument uses an electric hot wire ignitor.

There are two modes of flash point operation:
- Flash
- No Flash and Ramp

The ramp mode increases the sample temperature at a rate of 2 C/min. The dipping sequence occurs automatically every 1 C up to 100 C (every 2 C rise above 100 C), until either a flash is detected or the end of test temperature is reached. The ignitor uses a new electrical hotwire (a gas flame option is available).

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available


The bright colour LCD display shows test parameters and the flash point result. The text and colour of top line of the display indicates the instrument status. You can access all functions via menus, navigated by the keypad. Audible prompts are given when you are required to perform an action.

The automatic flash detection system is tuned to ignore halo and other false flash effects, enhancing precision and accuracy. Barometric pressure is measured by an internal barometer, and the correction is automatically applied to the test result.

Flash point testing at low temperature
For tests with a starting temperature of 10 C (50 F) or lower, you must connect the Series 8 ActiveCool to a chilled water supply that is maintained at 5 C with a flow of at least 0.6 l/min

Supplied with:
2 ml syringe
Mains lead
Instruction manual


Temperature Range Ambient to 300 C (Ambient to 572 F)
Sample Size 2 or 4 ml according to method
Ignitor Electrical Hot Wire
Test duration, Rapid Equilibrium Mode 1 minute below 100 C, 2 minutes above 100 C,
Test duration, Ramp Mode Typically 7 minutes
Sample Cup Material Aluminium
Heating/Cooling Method Ceramic Pad, Forced Air (post-test cooldown)
Voltage 100 to 250 V, 50/60 Hz (2 x AA dry cell batteries required for internal clock)
Power 300 W (maximum)
Size (HxWxD) 300 x 340 x 380 mm
Weight 8 kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90268020


ASTM D3278Standard Test Methods for Flash Point of Liquids by Small Scale Closed-Cup Apparatus - paints, enamels, lacquers, varnishes, and related products
ISO 3680 (Obs)Methods of test for paints. Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests). Test for flash/no flash (rapid equilibrium method)
ASTM E502Standard Test Method for Selection and Use of ASTM Standards for the Determination of Flash Point of Chemicals by Closed Cup Methods
ISO 3679Determination of flash point. Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
ASTM D7236Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Cup Ramp Method
IP 534Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Cup Ramp Method
ISO 9038Determination of sustained combustibility of liquids
CLP Regulations EC No 1272/2008European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures
ASTM D8174Standard Test Method for Finite Flash Point Determination of Liquid Wastes by Small-Scale Closed Cup Tester
IP 523Determination of flash point. Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
IP 524Methods of test for paints. Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests). Test for flash/no flash (rapid equilibrium method)
IP 602Determination of sustained combustibility of liquids
EPA 1020 A & BSetaflash Closed-Cup Method for determining ignitability
ASTM D3828Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Tester
Setaflash Flash point tester ASTM/IP


Small sample size, 2 or 4 ml
Electric ignitor
Automatic dipping and flash detection
64 Test memory & RS232 interface
C or F temperature display
Forced air cooling for rapid test cycling


ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, CLP Regulations EC No 1272/2008, EPA 1020 A & B, IP 523, IP 524, IP 534, IP 602, ISO 3679, ISO 3680 (Obs), ISO 9038


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Crude Oil


Energy & Power

Chemicals & Solvents

Cosmetics & Fragrances



Transportation, Storage & Packaging

Paint, Varnish & Waxes


Printing Inks

Waste & Environmental



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