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Spares and accessories for:
Seta-Shell Four Ball Tester-Autoload (19900-3)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
19750-3 CCD Digital Microscope
19755-0 CCD Camera for 4-Ball Scar Measurement
19820-3 Shear Stability Head
19830-5 Seta Temperature Control System
19855-2 Heating Pad and Controller
19870-0 Seta 4-Ball Rack
19892-0 Torque Arm with Removable Cup
19940-0 Wear Loading Kit for ASTM D2266 and D4172
84204-0 Portable Autotransformer (required for 110-120 V operation)

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
19800-002 Test Balls for IP 239
19800-011 Locking Ring for Torque Arm
19800-014 Bearing Plate for Torque Arm
19800-036 Ball Chuck for 4-Ball

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
19930-0Seta Load Calibration Kit
99960-2Digital Photo Tachometer
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