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WSI Analyser

Part Number SA9000-0

The Water Separation Instrument is a fully automatic and compact bench top / portable instrument. The instrument measures how effectively a fuel sample releases entrained and emulsified water when pumped through a water coalescing filter. The WSI displays the measured water separation index. Results can range from 0.0 to 100.0. A high water separation index, such as 100.0, indicates the test specimen coalesces easily and is relatively free of surfactants.

The WSI is operated via a touchscreen user interface that steps you through the testing procedure. The instrument consists of a sonicator, temperature probe, filter cartridge, dye detector and dyed water, solvent and test specimen pumps. Before each test the WSI flushes the instrument with the test specimen, primes the instrument and primes the filter. When the test starts the unit pumps dyed water into the test specimen and emulsifies the solution with the sonicator. After a specific time the emulsion is pumped through a particulate filter, the dye detector and into the waste container to provide a reference value. Once a reference value is acquired, the emulsion is diverted through a filter cartridge to remove the dyed water before it passes through the detector again and a new set of readings are taken. The water separation index is calculated from the reference value and subsequent readings. Results display on the screen.

Test results are stored on the WSI or you can save the results onto a computer.

WSI Analyser


Automated Water Separation Index (WSI)
Measures 0 to 100 WSI
220 ml 10 ml sample volume
Patented Ultra Sonic Mixer
API/EI 1581 5th edition filter material
Suitable for untrained operators
Fully automatic


ASTM D8073, IP 624



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