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Seta-Shell Four Ball Tester-Autoload

Part Number 19900-3

The Autoload Seta-Shell Four Ball Lubricant Tester determines the friction properties of extreme pressure oils and greases. Used in tribology research laboratories and in the routine quality control of finished lubrication products.

A ball, mounted in a chuck, is rotated against three stationary balls in a pot containing the sample lubricant. The digital speed controller has three factory pre-programmed settings which are 1200, 1475 and 1760 rpm. A load, adjustable in the range of 40 to 800 kgF, is applied to the balls via a balance beam and electric jack. The applied load is displayed on a digital readout. The torque transferred between the rotating and stationary balls is measured and displayed. The digital timer, with a range of 0.1 seconds to 9999 hours, can be used to control the duration of the test. If the torque exceeds a preset level, or the balls weld, during a test, power to the drive motor is automatically turned off.

Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Seta-Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Tester


Drive speed from 1200 to 1760rpm
Torque measurement and limiting
Full Digital Control
Digital displays of applied load, torque, time
Safety splash guard


ASTM D2266, ASTM D2596, ASTM D2783, ASTM D4172, BS EN ISO 20623, BS ISO 26422, DIN 51 350, IP 239



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