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AvCount2 Particle Counter

Part Number SA1000-2

The AvCount2 portable particle counter determines the particle distribution in a liquid sample, whether checking the quality of fuel, filter systems or in service lubricants.

Precise and reliable
Simple operation using the touchscreen display and straight from the bottle samples
Particle count and cleanliness code

15 test methods are preset within the AvCount2 with particle counting results delivered fast.

The compact design of AvCount2 makes it ideal for use in your laboratory, whilst the portable build suits the production line or portable test applications.

Skydrol resistant version available

AvCount Particle Counter IP 565, ASTM D7619


ICalibrated to ISO 11171, traceable to NIST SRM 2806b
Switchable NIST 2806a calibration on request
Cumulative & distributive particle numbers
Test time <6 minutes
Rugged, aluminium case suitable for portable use
15 fixed measuring channels (calibration in compliance with ISO 11171 for measuring in oil)
Upper and lower limit alarm outputs
Optional in-line high pressure testing up to 315 Bar


AS 4059, ASTM D7619, ASTM D7647, ASTM D975, DEF STAN 91-091, DEF STAN 91-86, GB 5930, GJB 420-1987/420-A-1996/420B-2006, GOST 17216, IP 565, ISO 4406 (1999) & (1991), NAS 1638, SAE 749D, SAE A6D


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils




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