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Seta Block Heater

Part Number 90300-2

A processor controlled heater designed to be used in conjunction with a 90301-2 Block for heating centrifuge tubes. The heater has a temperature range of 15 to 130C.

The heater is equipped with a 1 to 999 minute countdown timer with buzzer, a temperature deviation alarm that can be set from 0.5 to 10C allow able deviation, an external temperature probe socket, and a delay start stop feature allowing the heater to be turned on or off after a predetermined time interval.

The heater can be calibrated by the user over a wide temperature range.

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Block Heater for dry heating samples


Centrifuge/Sample Pre-heater
Liquidless dry block heating
Temperature range: 15C to 130C
4 tube capacity
999 minute timer
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